Rolling On The River.

It reads like a checklist of what your ideal Nashville location would be. All of the renowned shopping, dining and entertainment attractions of Downtown SoBro. Working, living and playtime enticements of Rolling Mill Hill. Surroundings steeped in history, with an incredible reverence for the land and the stories that still echo beneath your feet. River House is all of this and so much more. There’s the nearby Cumberland River, inspiring our name and connecting you to nature. There’s Nashville’s amazing greenway system, offering an immediate escape from the urban and a welcome retreat into all things lush and soul-stirring. And of course, there’s immediate connectivity to the buzz of Nashville’s downtown lights and nightlife.

It’s all here and it’s waiting for you.

Distance To

  • 16 Coffee Shops
  • 15 Restaurants
  • 14 Entertainment Venues
  • 13 Bars
  • 7 Parks
  • Ascend Amphitheater
  • Lower Broadway
  • Riverfront Park
  • and more
River House Nashville